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Crèche Lar Esperança, Recife

Children of Esperança is currently involved in funding the Crèche Lar Esperança (Hope House) which hosts up to 150 children in the Muribeca suburb of Recife, Brazil.


The crèche is run by Maria Cristina Nascimento who for the past 10 years has been dedicating her life to helping the local children off the streets and providing a safe and friendly place that provides them with two meals a day, a uniform, some basic hygiene rules and a basic education.

All your donations go straight to the crèche providing it with much needed food supplies and hygiene products for babies.

Additionally, Children of Esperança are involved in helping the crèche set up a library and computer centre that will help the children learn key skills that will get them on the path to a better life.

Copyright Jessica Blanc

Maria Cristina – A Profile
Maria Cristina’s life is a story of devotion and inspiration to others. Ten years ago, she started to take care of her neighbours’ children while they were working on the public landfill. She was a widow, a mother of 7 and she had no job. More and more children came every month, so she decided to sell her modest house to create the Crèche Lar Esperança.
A decade on, despite suffering cancer and many other health problems, she is now taking care of about 130 children, some of which she has personally adopted.
Furthermore, she has created an association for the parents; Clube das Mães that gives them a range of support and advice. For example, the club provides mothers with professional arts and crafts training that they can use to build and sell items at the market to improve their incomes.
For the past ten years she has had a positive influence on hundreds of children by improving their conditions and showing them another path than the one going towards the landfill. Every day, she tries to find donations, support, and partnerships to provide food and hygiene for the children.
Maria Cristina still has many projects like creating a library, buying a computer, providing more tuition…

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