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Our mission is to help the children who don’t have the family structure and the support they need to live in decent conditions and have access to a basic education.


4 years old


Copyright Jessica Blanc

Every morning, Gabriel’s parents used to drop him off at the day-care centre Lar Esperança before going to “work” on the landfill. But one day they didn’t come back. The centre Lar Esperança is now like his home and Gabriel is always pleased to welcome the visitors and show them all the different rooms.


7 years old

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Pedrinho (little Pedro), as Cristina call him, was spotted during one of her visit at the local landfill playing naked among the rubbishes. He was in such a bad health and hygiene than the local GP refused to examine him. After lots of treatments and a good hygiene he is now a cute little boy.


11 years old

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Matheus lives alone with his mom who is alcoholic and unemployed. Thanks to the support he receives at the centre, he goes to school every day and enjoy the free meals they served. He is a very serious student with good results.

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