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Drawing a better world | Teddy Blanc


Why did you start helping Children of Esperança? I wanted to support Jessica’s idea since the very beginning of the project. Almost everything was yet to be done. I wanted to have an active part in the charity [Teddy is the Treasurer] but also to offer my expertise in term of design and communication.

What are you doing in the Charity? I’m the Treasurer but it doesn’t take much time! So I created the website and the different supports of communication. I also manage the Website User Interface. After some researches and discussions, I designed the logo of the charity in order to reflect the joy and positiveness that we want to associate with our goals.

One thing that you love about Children of Esperança? The association of artistic projects and help to impoverished children. As far as I remember, I always had creative projects in mind and I used whatever I had at home to create houses, boats and all kind of cardboard objects. I was so happy we could distribute some school sets [ruler, pencils, rubber, scissors, felt pens etc] to the children. I know it is essential for them for school purposes but also to develop their creativity. We also made a distribution of disposable cameras for the oldest ones. They had the freedom to use it for special occasions and I can only imagine how some of them must have been happy to try something new. Even if it doesn’t last long and if it is not a big project, I believe that when you have the opportunity to try something new for once it is important enough to make you forget, at least for a moment the difficulties. It also encourage you to develop new interests and it is already something really good happening.

Anything you would like to add or do in the near future? Yes, of course I would be very happy to visit the Creche we are helping in the Northeast of Brazil. But I am thinking about how I could share my skills with the oldest kids. I know they have a very limited access to internet and old computers but I would be happy to do something in that area to help them acquire some skills that might help them finding a job later on. Public schools have a limited budget for that and University is almost unreachable for those kids. I think that any kind of access to new competencies and knowledges could be beneficial for them and give them more chances in life.

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