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Children of Esperança is an English non-profit organisation dedicated to helping impoverished children in Brazil.

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Children of Esperança’s vision is of a world in which every child has access to food, hygiene and education.


We help the children from the poorest communities in Brazil to have access to hygiene, food supplies and basic education and give them all the support they need.

What we do

We work with a day-care centre in Recife, in the North-East area of Brazil. For more than 10 years now, our local partner have been keeping children away from working on the landfill. At present, they give food and education in a safe place to 150 children. We fund them and also develop projects to give the children the opportunity to reveal their creativity and gain more confidence in their own skills.

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We aim to

•  improve access to hygiene and medical care

•  provide basic needs

• support access to a basic education and professional training

• encourage cultural exchanges between Brazil, England and France; foreign language education; artistic projects.


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Who we are

Children of Esperança is managed and animated by volunteers only, which means your donations are used entirely to support our projects. We are happy to have volunteers helping us!

The little story

In June 2010, Jessica Blanc discovered the North-East area of Brazil where she visited the Creche Lar Esperança in the suburb of Recife. This moving experience leaded her to create a few months later the non-profit organisation Children of Esperança.


Ethical Policy

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To maintain consistency with our vision and values, there are certain industries we do not want to work with:

• those using directly or indirectly child labor;

• those causing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest or causing a major environmental degradation;

• those who do not respect the rights of the Indians from Amazonia or any other minority;

• those involved in the production, sale or distribution of arms and ammunition; and

• tobacco manufacture.


Children of Esperança is recognised by HMRC as a charity.
Registration Number: XT31845

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